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Three and a half years ago I became vegetarian. Three and a half weeks ago, anticipating a certain health diagnosis at any time, I also gave up all added sugar in my diet. My mother is of a certain generation and, although a very good cook, struggles to know what to offer guests with specific dietary restrictions. She once had a vegetarian and a coeliac for dinner at the same time, and nearly lost her reason! So, the idea for this blog was born. Every recipe that features here will be vegan (and, obviously, vegetarian), gluten free, sugar free, lactose and dairy free, and suitable for people on a low sodium diet. That's right, you read that correctly. Even if you have guests with each of these restrictions coming to the same meal, everything here is safe for them. And, before you expect weird and wonderful ingredients to make an appearance, everything I'm using can be bought in larger branches of all major supermarkets - you don't even need to visit health food stores. Try the recipes and tell me what you think!

So What's This Tweet Treats Thingy All About?

Watch the brilliant 30 second trailer below and all will become clear!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The REAL Reason To Buy Tweet Treats - Guest Post From MSF

Ok, all joking aside, there is one cast-iron reason why you should buy Tweet Treats - and that's because every copy sold directly benefits Médecins Sans Frontières. Today I have a guest post from Deirdre Mangaoang from the Dublin office of #MSF. 

"Yesterday’s announcement that Twitter will open its newest international office in Dublin is being greeted with joy across Irish air waves.  Dublin is now a front-runner for ‘social media capital’ of Europe and the prospect of new jobs is a really welcome bit of news.

Over here at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Ireland we’ve been fans of Twitter for a long while.  Twitter lets us get news out fast from our medical humanitarian projects all over the world.  The speed and global reach of twitter helps us to raise awareness about crises that may or may not be in the media spotlight, and this in turn helps in being transparent to our donors about what MSF is doing on the ground. 

Over the past year we’ve been tweeting about Ivory Coast, where MSF teams are treating civilians caught up in political violence.  We’re also tweeting about our campaign in remote areas of Congo to vaccinate hundreds of thousands of children against measles.  Since the conflict in Libya first took hold, twitter has been a great way to keep our supporters informed of the work MSF is doing alongside Libyan health staff to treat casualties.  We’ve tweeted about our medical supply line, rescuing war-wounded patients by boat, and performing trauma surgery.   And from Somalia, we regularly tweet interviews with MSF doctors and nurses who are caring for severely malnourished children at the frontlines of a worsening humanitarian crisis.  

Those are the serious reasons why we’re fans of the micro-blogging phenomenon.  But there’s another reason why Twitter makes us smile:  Twitter was the inspiration for a fantastically original, creative and fun fundraising project for MSF.  When Jane first approached us with the idea for Tweet Treats we scratched our heads for a bit and thought “could this really work?”  A book of recipes all comprising no more than 140 characters is a bit different from our usual fundraisers.  But Jane’s enthusiasm and energy quickly won us over.  We’re delighted that she chose MSF, we appreciate her patience while we got used to the idea, and we’re truly humbled by her generosity in donating all the royalties from sales of Tweet Treats to MSF.

Tweet Treats is set to launch on October 10th.  For those of you who can’t wait ‘til then, pre-order a copy by clicking on the link below. Every copy bought directly benefits MSF.  And you can keep track of how your money is being used to deliver emergency medical aid around the world by following us @msf_ireland."

Tomorrow I'm launching the blog tour for Tweet Treats over at @CathRyanHoward's fandabbydoozy blog, Catherine, Caffeinated. Tune in then, as the silliness returns :)

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