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Three and a half years ago I became vegetarian. Three and a half weeks ago, anticipating a certain health diagnosis at any time, I also gave up all added sugar in my diet. My mother is of a certain generation and, although a very good cook, struggles to know what to offer guests with specific dietary restrictions. She once had a vegetarian and a coeliac for dinner at the same time, and nearly lost her reason! So, the idea for this blog was born. Every recipe that features here will be vegan (and, obviously, vegetarian), gluten free, sugar free, lactose and dairy free, and suitable for people on a low sodium diet. That's right, you read that correctly. Even if you have guests with each of these restrictions coming to the same meal, everything here is safe for them. And, before you expect weird and wonderful ingredients to make an appearance, everything I'm using can be bought in larger branches of all major supermarkets - you don't even need to visit health food stores. Try the recipes and tell me what you think!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Salad Days Are Here Again

Thank Crunchie it's Friday, eh?

With the weather being unseasonably warm (I live in Ireland; anything remotely warm is unseasonable) I proposed a salad challenge for #tweettreat today.  I pleased to say that I got plenty of recipes for salad, fruit salad, salad dressings, etc. and exceeded today's target of 666 - I now have 670 #tweettreat recipes. :)

As ever, the best one gets lauded with plaudits and awarded rockstar status.  Today's stellar offering is this:

"Mix strawbs with balsam v/gar, ev o/oil, salt & pep, fry slices of Halloumi, serve w/rocket, basil, mint leaves & parma ham."

And the winner  - AGAIN - is @CountryLets! Well done - is this your third rockstar status? ;)

So come on you newbies - I know I have new followers who've yet to tweet a recipe for #tweettreat. Yesterday's winner was a newbie, how about another for Monday?

To tempt you newbies, here's a newbie challenge: new potatoes! I want the best, most imaginative recipes for new potatoes and the winner will be the rockstar.

Now, I'm away all weekend at the @inkwellHQ Pure Fiction Weekend - squee! Can't wait. :)  However, it means I won't get the chance to check in much to chivvy you all on, so don't let me down!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. ;)


  1. Sigh. It has been kindly pointed out to me by @CountryLets that this is in fact only her second rockstar allocation. Sorry pet.

    It has also been pointed out - less kindly, and rather more gloatingly - ;) by @mduffywriter that the @inkwellHQ Pure Fiction weekend is actually next weekend, not this one...

    I'm rather indebted to @mduffywriter for that, cos I would actually have landed in Kippure a full week early. Not the first time I've done that, mind you. I can't award a second rockstar status, but as a special treat I'm making @mduffywriter #tweettreat groupie for the day. ;)

  2. Um... thanks (I think!) ??? *Heads off to brush hair and teeth to welcome hoard of new followers on account of new status!*