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Three and a half years ago I became vegetarian. Three and a half weeks ago, anticipating a certain health diagnosis at any time, I also gave up all added sugar in my diet. My mother is of a certain generation and, although a very good cook, struggles to know what to offer guests with specific dietary restrictions. She once had a vegetarian and a coeliac for dinner at the same time, and nearly lost her reason! So, the idea for this blog was born. Every recipe that features here will be vegan (and, obviously, vegetarian), gluten free, sugar free, lactose and dairy free, and suitable for people on a low sodium diet. That's right, you read that correctly. Even if you have guests with each of these restrictions coming to the same meal, everything here is safe for them. And, before you expect weird and wonderful ingredients to make an appearance, everything I'm using can be bought in larger branches of all major supermarkets - you don't even need to visit health food stores. Try the recipes and tell me what you think!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Comfort Food

Evening all!

Well, you exceeded my expectations today; I was hoping to get to 840 recipes, but actually now have 846.  Give yourselves a round of applause!

Today's challenge, in light of the terrible events yesterday in Cumbria, was for comfort food.  The recipes I got today were carb, fat, sugar and alchohol laden - perfect, in other words. ;)

They were all great, and it was really hard to pick a rockstar, so I'm cheating slightly.  Tonight we'll have a headline act and a support group. (Hey, it's my blog, I can do what I like!)

So, our support act (a bit of a no-hoper, but let's give him a round of applause for effort) is this:

"In a glass, mix Coke, Fanta, Sprite and Lilt. Add either fresh cream or vanilla ice-cream and serve. nommy nom, nom nom."

He calls it a Creamy Uku.  The support act is none other than the tweep we love to torment, @mruku!

And now (drumroll, the crowd goes wild!) our big-name headline act is:

"2 pkts digestive bisc, 2 oz sugar, 4 oz butter,2tbl sp cocoa.Mix crushed biscs in melted butter with sugar&cocoa. Put in tin & cover with choc."

Tweeted by Ireland's fave current-affairs-TV-talk-show-host-type person, @MiriamOCal!

Thanks to both of them, and to everyone else for your recipe contributions today. There are a lot of new faces appearing in the #tweettreat stream and it's great to see you all.  :)

Tomorrow's challenge - as suggested by @fmulreany - is rice salad.  That may seem like a limited topic, so you can tweet pasta or couscous salads as well.  Happy cooking!


  1. This is a great idea. But I'd disclaim any responsibility for the Creamy Uke... Bubbles and cream might have an explosive effect.

  2. A very good point, Sarah! I think a large disclaimer will have to be printed on the cover of the book, cos I've only had the chance to try out a fraction of the recipes! :)